3 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Pellet Rifle For Hunting

CO2-air-rifleWhich is the right air rifle to buy and why? That is a very difficult question in the current market where options are endless and one can choose from such a huge variety. How then does one go about choosing an appropriate air rifle for hunting? New shooters can get confused and might buy the wrong air rifle that does not suit their needs.

There are certain basic aspects that guide a new air rifle user that are considered when someone is buying this kind of rifle. The purpose of the rifle should be a determining aspect when it comes to the selection of an ideal rifle. The following are top 3 things to consider when choosing an air rifle:

Intended Usage Of The Air Rifle

Air rifles actually have a variety of uses and that is why there are different types in the market. These rifles are used for hunting, pest control, range shooting and target shooting among other uses. So, before you buy an air rifle, you should ask yourself what exactly you want to do with your air rifle. The size of the animals you will be shooting matters. The smaller game like squirrels and rabbits requires very low calibers and they will be effective enough while the opposite is also true. Most buyers want a multi purpose gun that they will use in a variety of situations and this probably gives value for money. Its also worth keeping in mind that there are so many different types of pellets guns available that you can choose from so its worth it to read pellet airgun reviews to learn more about the different features available to you.

Still, one has to ask themselves what they will use it most on and lean towards that choice more when choosing a particular type of rifle. Air guns are designed differently and they are geared towards certain functions more than others like hunting or pest control. Most air guns are multi purpose but if you want to seriously hunt, then you need to choose an appropriate rifle for that.

Make Of The Gun

There are different types of guns and they all have different advantages and disadvantages and one should weigh them and decide if they can handle the consequences that come with them. The most common gun types are the pre-charged pneumatic type and the spring piston. Most air rifle owners debate on the benefits of having one or the other because these are the most recognized gun types.

The spring piston gun has a coiled spring that is compressed during cocking; it is this tension that propels the pellets forward during firing. One disadvantage of this is that the spring gets worn out over the years and loses a bit of the stored power if kept in a state of tension for a while. The same concept has been used to make gas ram which is a variation of the spring piston but the gas ram is lighter and reacts faster when fired. They have disadvantages too including their recoil which is powerful and the effort that is required to cock them.

Pre-charged pneumatic air rifles are powered by air that is fully released under pressure from the attached cylinder and the pellet is thus moved through the valve and the barrel to the target. Pre-charged pneumatic is the air rifle of choice for many shooters because it is highly accurate in its shooting and, as opposed to the gas ram, is very easy to cock. Another advantage is that this type of gun has no recoil which is viewed as an advantage by most air gun users. The disadvantage of using a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle is that it needs recharging and all the equipment for charging makes it expensive to begin with. They also require to be sent to the original manufacturers for servicing which can be inconvenient and expensive.


The range which you intend to shoot is also very important because it determines the type of activity you will be using your gun for. There are the light, medium, high and super magnum rifles, all of which have different ranges from thirty five yards for the light to eighty yards for the super magnum. The light is good for pest control while the super magnum is better suited for heavier game and for shooting objects that are located far away.