Best Survival Knife for the Wilderness

Best Survival Knife for the WildernessWhen it comes to surviving in the wilderness, a good survival knife (as you can read about in this article can be the difference between life and death. But with today’s vast variety of available survival knives offering so many different features and fixings, it can be a real struggle to discern which survival knife is best for you. That’s why we’re here- to help you discover which knife will be your personal best survival knife for the wilderness. What makes a good wilderness survival knife? We’re of the opinion that the best survival knives lightweight, easy to carry, and multi-purpose. We’ve scoured the available options, and come up with five knives that are monumental matches for all kinds of different survivalist situations. Read on to discover which of our top survival knife picks is the blade for your wilderness wielding.

1. The Swiss Army Knife Adventurer

No roundup of the best survival knife for the wilderness would be complete without inclusion of this bad boy. This knife was McGyver’s go-to, and we understand why! When it comes to multi-purpose usage, this nifty knife is top of the line- it packs a can opener, a bottle opener, three screwdrivers, an awl, tweezers, a toothpick, and of course, a knife blade, all in one! The blade is crafted from strong stainless steel and stands at about four and a half inches long, the perfect length for hacking, defending, and food preparation. At under three ounces, this knife is lightweight, but packs a heavy survival punch!

2. The CRKT Ultima

Best Survival Knife for the WildernessThis knife was designed with the power of history behind it. Based upon the pattern and style of the ancient daggers of the Bronze Age, the Ultima has 4000 years of proven strength and sustainability behind it. With its 4.95 inch full-tang blade crafted from solid stainless steel and a titanium nitride coating, the Ultima functions as a heavy duty blade, a pry tool, and can be used for hunting, slicing through wilderness bracken, self defense, and even operating on bodily injuries.

Yet amongst all this, this blade’s most famous attribute is definitely its handle. The Ultima’s handle features high-tech injection-molded black, glass-filled nylon designed in a triangular scale pattern of 70 grip segments. The handle features “ooze grooves” that channel away mud, water, and oil as the efficient blade slices through material. Large, with long-lasting sharpness, a great grip, and a classic tactical design, the Ultima is a the best survival knife for a hard-core wilderness survivalist.

3. The Cold Steel Pendleton

When it comes to taking care of your camp ground chores, this hunting knife is the best knife there is. The light weight Cold Steel weighs under six ounces, yet possesses the power to carve through wood like butter! Its three and a half inch blade is made from dependable VG-1 stainless steel, and its Kray-Ex handle offers a comfortable grip that makes this blade easy to handle. For a beginner survivalist, the Cold Steel Pendleton is definitely the best survival knife for the wilderness!

4. The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife

Named after the survivalist himself, the Bear Grylls knife from Gerber is a hardcore survivalist’s dream come true. With its blade and sheath combined, the Bear Knife offers up a variety of survival gear. The stainless steel drop point blade is nearly five inches long, and is available in either a half-serrated or a fine-edge version.

The Bear’s handle is textured and tacked to provide a comfortable, sound grip, and from the handle stretches a rope lanyard with an attached emergency whistle. Finally, the knife comes equipped with a square striker notch, seamlessly integrated into the back of the knife blade, which can be used with the sheath’s spark rod. For hardcore adventurists, this is the best survival knife for the wilderness.

5. CRKT M21 Aluminum Folder

We wouldn’t be able to consider this list of survival knives complete without the inclusion of a top notch folding knife! The M21 is a great, all-around knife that can double as the folding blade you carry with you every day- not just while on your wilderness expeditions. Conveniently, this Aluminum Folder stays sharp for years at a time, and when it does require a touch up, its stainless steel make renders it a quick blade to sharpen.

Weighing in at just over three ounces, the M21 is extremely lightweight and easy to handle, yet offers an impressively hearty blade length of three inches! Finally, this folding knife offers great safety features. It has two different safety locks, but can still be easily and quickly flipped open with just one hand.