Bushnell 8 MP Wireless Trail Camera Review

I have decided to write up a short review of my Bushnell 8MP Wireless Trail Camera due to my great experience using it in the past year. I was planning to setup a network of a few trail cams when I read a wireless game camera review (learn more about cellular/wi-fi game camera here) about the Bushnell 8MP and decided to buy 4 to monitor the field.

As it turns out it was a great decision and the Bushnell have done a great job with this one.

Bushnell Trail Cameras

The Bushnell trail cameras have become very popular due to their numerous features and the reliability they display. The Bushnell cameras as a brand are well respected because of their functionality. Many people who have been out on the trails say that they have never quite had as much fun with a trail camera as they have when they use the Bushnell 8 MP wireless trail camera.

For such a quality product, the price is amazing because Bushnell insists that anyone selling their product adheres to the minimum advertised price. This means that one can obtain quality trail cameras while still keeping within their budget and getting value for their money.

Bushnell 8MP Wireless Trail Camera Review

Bushnell 8MP Wireless Trail CameraThe Bushnell 8 MP wireless trail camera is in many ways a pioneer in the industry and has some features which trail blazers cannot wait to get their hands on. The batteries, for instance, have a long life span; the batteries can last for up to a year! This has changed the scope of trail cameras because the convenience offered by this is unmatched.

If one is far from basic amenities and wants a camera that they can rely on for long periods of time without worrying about conservation of batteries then this is the right camera. Lithium batteries should work pretty fine with this camera though they at times easily come out when jarred or not set up properly.

Great Trigger Speed

The Bushnell 8 MP wireless trail camera has a trigger speed of .6 which is unique and puts it at the head of the trail cameras industry. The trigger speed is very important in actually capturing the shots that you want as they happen.

Bushnell 8 MP wireless trail camera can also capture pictures at 8 MP depending on the secure digital card that you use on your device. With this camera, you get to choose the picture quality you are interested.

Taking pictures at night will be a different experience especially because of the flash attached to the camera. Daytime shots will also have the right balance and the proper brightness for high quality images.

The videos are also amongst the very best features of this camera; they are crystal clear and look as if they were professionally shot making them ideal to share on any platform including computers. One can also enable the hybrid feature which takes a video after the picture. The sound quality of the trail videos captured has been lauded in the industry because its quality has been enhanced through modern technology.

The capturing of simultaneous picture and videos make it a unique option when choosing a trail camera that suits your needs. It is modern and has kept up with all advancing technologies.

Great Features

The Bushnell 8 MP wireless trail camera has a field scan time lapse photo feature which allows you to scan land or trail without actually doing it physically. It is a highly useful and revolutionary feature which makes this trail camera even more desirable.

The detection circuit on this trail camera is very quick and makes a huge difference in active trail setups and is one of the main features look for when searching for the best trail camera and something you will see included in most game cam reviews. This makes sure that that one shot that you really want to capture is captured and in addition to precision, you will get high quality images.

The Bottom Line

When one purchases a Bushnell 8 MP wireless trail camera they do not have to worry about the complexity and whether they will manage to use it effectively. The setup is basic and easy to follow for anyone. All one has to change is the date and time and basic aspects based on preference like; hybrid settings and picture and video quality. The manual is also very easy to follow because everything is outlined on it.

When one buys a Bushnell 8 MP wireless trail camera, it comes with the option of a 32 GB SD card which is obtained separately but usually in the same shop. If you are looking for a different experience, precision and high quality images, you might want to consider purchasing the Bushnell 8 MP Wireless Trail Camera and enjoy all the features that the camera comes with.