How To Pick The Best Underwater Metal Detector

Underwater-metal detectorPicking an underwater metal detector for a beginner might look simple but it a challenge. It relies on some factors that will affect the level and scope of your metal detection. Metal detection can involve treasure hunting which is the most common use of the metal detector or for finding metals for clean ups and extraction.

Underwater metal detectors typically should be water-proof; this is the single most important factor when choosing one. Most metal detectors these days are said to be waterproof while in reality they are just semi waterproof and only the outside has this quality. In the long term they are not actually viable because if one dives with the detector, they inevitably fail at some point.

This is why the single most important factor while choosing a metal detector (Read more reviews at is to find one that is fully waterproof. Semi waterproof metal detectors have the disadvantage of not being usable in deep waters. They are best used in shallow waters and the shores of the beach. This quality can limit the metal detection activities in case you want to explore deeper waters.


Most of the underwater metal detectors are able to work both on land and in water which is very important because one might want to vary the function. When you invest in a metal detector one wants the flexibility that comes with being able to use it both on land and in water without buying a different detector. It is also very important to get value for your money and get the best possible qualities you can from your device such as the display which should be user friendly especially under water.

There are different mechanics when it comes to the functioning of the metal detectors and there are two major types of technology used and should be considered when choosing a metal detector. Very low frequency technology was what was previously used when making the metal detectors. It used to be functional but limited because the depth it could function in was limited and it was not sensitive enough. This older technology has been overtaken by the pulse induction system which is the modern technology used on current metal detectors.

Pulse induction can be used in deeper waters when scuba diving and work properly as if it was on shallower waters. This technology has a benefit of having greater sensitivity which is a huge bonus. The sensitivity of the pulse induction system is such that even buried treasure can be detected, the depth of the cover of sand or stone notwithstanding. That is the huge difference between pulse induction mechanics and very low frequency mechanics, very low frequency mechanics will not detect buried treasure effectively.

There are brands that can go for depths of up to three hundred feet and still function properly and can even function in salty water without getting destroyed and this is a huge plus considering that most of the treasures are in salty water. The display feature should be very highly visible underwater so that one does not have to struggle to make readings when in great depths; most have fluorescent displays for this purpose. The headphones that come with the device should also be fully waterproof and workable in great depths too.

Pulse Induction Technology

Pulse induction technology works in such a way that electronic signals are transmitted into the earth and they are very sensitive to metals though not natural ground minerals. They work best in deep waters or very salty beaches due to the depth which the pulse probes, it is incredible really.

When choosing an underwater metal detector therefore it is advisable to invest in pulse induction technology. There are a few well recognizable brands which are genuinely good quality pulse induction metal detectors that are also amphibious and high functioning.

When buying an underwater metal detector it is also advisable that one looks at the various warranties on offer that can last up to two years and include the various parts of the detector too.  The metal detector quality you choose will determine how efficient your hunting experience will be and will also determine whether you have made an investment that will save you time and serve you for long.