Memory Foam Mattress For RV Campers: Things To Factor In When Choosing The Right Fit

Memory Foam Mattress For RV CampersWhen travelling in an RV and experiencing the sights, life is good and enjoyable but the quality of your mattress can change all that. Without a proper mattress, the nights don’t seem quite so enjoyable as before and aches and fatigue will creep in.

This is why it is advisable to look at the mattress on the RV bed before buying an RV or making special consideration when buying one. The various dimensions of the RV might mean that the normal RV mattress is a bit different from the one at home and a proper mattress is required. It might seem like such an unimportant aspect of RV camping but when the sores and cramp set in, the importance becomes apparent.

Memory foam mattresses have been identified as the best option for RVs due to their relative flexibility meaning they do not occupy much space and they are actually very light. Added onto this is the fact that they are not too costly and you get value for your money when you invest in one.

Due to the very strict dimensions that go into making an RV hospitable, RV mattresses have to be fitted into the space available. More often than not, if normal mattresses are put in RVs they are either weirdly bent out of shape to fit or hang out because of the limited space available. That is why the memory foam mattress is preferred, because of its flexibility.

The RV owner can alter the shape of the memory foam mattress in any way that is appropriate for their RV and this is hugely convenient. You do not have to spend a lot of money when looking for a mattress that exactly fits your RV.

Dimensions And Size

The next best option is actually obtaining the cheaper memory foam mattress topper which means you do not have to buy the whole mattress; this already saves you the costs while still being as effective, and to save even more cost you can read this buying guide to the best memory foam mattress.

The material used is actually less but more effective than a whole lumbering mattress. An advantage of using the memory foam mattress topper is that it is highly flexible. If you use a pull out sofa bed in your RV then the topper mattress is exactly for you because it won’t interfere with the folding of the bed in the morning.

The mattresses on RVs are usually very thin and people who are ill or have bad backs find it very hard to sleep comfortably on them and wake up feeling tired. A simple memory foam mattress topper can resolve this, as little as four or five inches can make a huge difference. If you want to learn more about the best memory foam mattresses and get ratings and tips you should read the relevant customer reviews for more credibility.


As with anything on the market, there are various costs to the different types of memory foam mattresses depending on your budget and willingness to spend. One has to consider the length of time they spend on the RV versus the cost of the mattress that they intend to buy.

Those who live in their rigs permanently might want to make a more significant investment since they spend most nights there. If one does not spend many nights in their RV then it is advisable to tone down on the investment since even the lower cost memory foam mattresses will do just fine.

Added onto this, one has to factor in the size of mattress that they feel comfortable with on their RV beds. Some might be comfortable with as little as three inches and a few more inches will not be too costly.

The density of the mattress is also an important aspect when choosing the memory foam mattress, upwards of around four pounds is highly advisable. Memory foam mattresses are made to deal with the see sawing of temperatures and that is one of the reasons why higher density mattresses are advisable.

The higher density mattresses are longer lasting and deal with temperature changes better. If the quality of the memory foam mattress is low, it will get damaged quickly especially if used regularly. These are some of the factors to keep in mind when choosing an appropriate memory foam mattress for your RV.