Myths about Fireproof Gun Safes

Myths about Fireproof Gun SafesThere are a number of myths that circulate about fireproof gun safes. Such information is not only unsubstantiated but also false. Gun users should seek the truth from gun experts in order to make well-informed decisions. The following are some of the myths about fireproof gun safes:Manufacture

The label fireproof should not mislead you to think that you are buying a high quality gun safe. Unfortunately, gun manufacturers use this as a marketing gimmick. Another common thing is that such companies create their rating and use it to attract gun buyers.

The truth is that the fireproof gun safes are made of sheetrock (or sheetrock combined with ceramic). This is a far much better measure of protection for fire – but not as good as the manufacturers want you to believe. This is because sheetrock is manufactured from paper, it is does not carry sufficient protection, its thin, and has little resistance.

Fire viz a viz Theft

Myths about Fireproof Gun SafesA significant number of gun owners think that fire poses a greater danger to the gun than theft. This cannot be further from the truth. On the contrary, the chances of losing your gun to a fire is minimal compared to theft. However, this is also highly dependent on your neighborhood.

All the same, one should seriously give any risk to a gun the seriousness it deserves. Whether it is fire , theft, or any other reason, the harm done will have a negative impact on the gun owner as well as other parties.

Basement Placement

Myths about Fireproof Gun SafesIt is believed that the basement is one of the safest places to store something. However, this may not be as safe as it seems. For example, if the fire intensifies, the entire house can collapse, rendering the basement as unsafe as any other part of the house. However, that does not mean that it is not a good choice to have the gun safe in the basement.

Burning Temperatures

Sometimes, gun manufactures exaggerate the temperatures that the fireproof gun safe can stand. That is a myth. The truth is that the fireproof gun safes may not withstand the temperatures mentioned after all.

Gun users believe that if the internal temperature of the fireproof gun safe stays below 350 degrees, then anything that is stored there is safe. This is a myth. On the contrary, chemicals, aerosol, or ammunition may still burn at such a temperature. Consequently, it is not wise to store products which can burn, melt, or explode.


There is no gun safe that is exactly “fireproof”. The extent of the fire is a great determinant when examining the status of the gun safe after a fire. Again, if the gun safe was built with strong materials, it could still survive a fire.

The standard fire rating, if given honestly, should help you imagine a worst case scenario. This will help you prepare for the possibility of a fire. It should be noted that there is a strong legislation that affect the use of guns- and one should make sure that it is followed.