Portable Water Softener And Shower Heads For RV Campers

RVWhen going RV camping, one wants to have a water supply that is fresh and not hard water that makes washing clothes and showering a great challenge.

Minerals naturally gather in the water system and the way to soften the water is by using a portable water softener to make sure that the minerals are prevented from passing into the water.

When in an RV that has hard water as its primary source of water, everyday activities that involve water become struggles and very uncomfortable. Soap does not lather as easily and one uses more than they ordinarily have to to a lesser effect.

Water Softener Benefits

water softenerThe next benefit of having soft water is the avoidance of damage to your systems and saving money for replacement. Deposits of minerals usually gather on the surfaces that conduct water and destroy them or make them ineffective. Pipes, faucets and the general plumbing in the RV is a better place when softener is used because then they are more durable (see comparison and water softener reviews here).

The water softeners installed in RVs usually use the same mechanism that normal water softeners which utilizes ion exchange that takes care of the removal of minerals that make the water hard. To make it more accessible and easier to use, when camping, most use table soft and don’t require any special softener.

This makes it very convenient for use because even if one runs out of softener, salt is easily obtained and incorporated. A portable water softener is more important than thought because of its preservation qualities more than anything.

The water softeners are also very easy to regenerate and do not require frequent regeneration which is a huge bonus for campers who move around often. The regeneration also takes a very short time, maybe thirty minutes at most. They are portable but there are different capacities depending on the size of the RV and the preference of the buyer. The ranges are from one to two thousand gallon sizes which will last for approximately forty or so days. The various connections like the inlet hose are also very easy to do by yourself and as such, the system is easy to handle for anyone.

When buying a water softener for your RV it is important to read  the best water softener reviews, one should consider the long term advantages of having one so choosing the best one is important. When the minerals that are most common in hard water do not pass through your water system then the deposits do not gather in any crevice and the efficiency is not affected.

Parts like pipes, the water heater and the ice maker are thus spared from the effects of the minerals in hard water. The benefit of this is that the long term repair or replacements of these parts is avoided and this saves you a great deal of money.

RV Shower Heads

rv shower headYou might be RV camping but the basic luxuries like the shower head for your shower on the market can be a useful and welcome addition to your RV and more and more people are investing in them. Modern RV shower heads have the latest technology incorporated in them and make the weakest stream of water powerful and convenient to use although you have to have a portable tankless water heater in your RV to have access to warm water, you can learn more about that here.

They also do not use as much water as is rumored which is a plus in an RV camp where the water might be limited. An RV shower head combined with the portable water softener can make for delightful showers that will make you feel like you are at home.

The RV shower actually conserves water as opposed to the more traditional showers which had no way to regulate the water used. Some even have the smart pause feature which allows the shower to pause when not being used and this contributes to smart water use. It is also quite simple to install and the instructions are pretty well articulated and this means that they are not stressful to install, check out this guide for more information.

When getting an appropriate RV shower, it is advisable to look at the type of material it is made of. The good quality materials if used on the shower head means that they will have a long life span with no clogging. All in all, they are necessary additions that maximize efficiency depending on the available water and also increase performance levels of the shower system.