Summer Fun and Learning through Camping Activities for Kids

Can there be more fun than going on a camp? When summer is right on the corner, two ideas come popping in the kids’ minds – beach and camping. Going in a summer camp sure spells fun. These days, summer camps are something that almost all resorts offer. Therefore, if you are a parent with a kid who is raring to be with other kids his or her age, there is nothing more fun and appropriate but summer camps. Camping activities for kids will not just all be fun because the programs are usually infused with lots of valuable learning activities.

camping activities

Parents eager to have their kids sent to a summer camp must be lying listless with so many questions. What is the top summer camp perfect for their kid? What kind of activities would be ideal for them? What tips do you need to make sure that they will have fun and they will be motivated to be inspired?

For one thing, top camps are more than s’mores, games, and sing-alongs. They have programs that educate participants in a fun and positive learning environment. If you want to pick a winner summer camping activities for kids, here are some ideas for you:

  • Talk to the camp directors to know what to expect. Do not leave anything to chance. Talk to the people who understand their summer programs and ask questions. The best camps will ensure that you have someone to talk to for clarification and to express your kid’s needs. For instance if your kid loves painting or sketching, ask if they will have someone teaching them the basics. If your kid like sports, find out what sport is included in the program. If you want your kid to improve his or her leadership, ask if there leadership training?
  • Day camps or sleep-away camp? Day camps are perfect for very young kids, but as they grow older you can consider enrolling them to a sleep-away camp. The right age is not identical for all kids. Some kids are ready at seven, but some who a year or more to be comfortable in joining sleep-away summer camps. When choosing sleep-away camps, you have to be more meticulous. Find out about their return rates. Fifty percent or higher is good and signifies high satisfaction rating.
  • More background checking. If you have to entrust your kid to a summer camp, make sure that your kid is left in good hands. Why not check their accreditations and memberships to associations like the American Camp Association (ACA). Being accredited means passing their on-site visits as well as their standards concerning reviews programs, facilities, and hiring and safety policies. This does not mean that a non-member or non-accredited summer camp is not qualified to take care of your kid; it just means that you need to do more to ascertain the safety of kid.
  • Other indicators to check. Without an accreditation, how would you know if the camping activities for kids in your choice of summer camp are good or not? Check its history. If it has been operating for a long time, it is a good sign. Check the emphasis of its summer programs. Are leadership, personality development, arts, and sports integrated in it? What is the campers-to-staffers ratio? A ratio of 1:10 for kids 8 to 14 years old is adequate.

As a matter of last criteria for choosing, check the fees and charges. Ask yourself, “Is it something I can afford?” If your kid has to stay in the camps for weeks, it can definitely cost more than if it will just be for a few days only. Moreover, make sure that your kid is interested to go or the exercise is rendered futile. One way to increase your kid’s interest is by asking them to help you choose the right summer camp for him or her.