Top Safety Backpacking Travel Tips Abroad

The appeal of exploring the world for less expense and for more adventure is irresistible for the young and the adventurous. If you have the drive, the energy, the time, and the means to go for it, it is worth all the risks. Talking of risk, try to minimize it by being smart and prepared. A smart traveler never leaves home without gearing up with the most sensible safety backpacking travel tips.


Here are some “safety backpacking travel tips” abroad that are guaranteed to work when you go abroad on some risky backpacking adventures:

  1. Protect yourself with travel insurance. If you can save for the entire cost of the travel, what’s a few bucks more if it means getting your peace of mind? There are many options available for you; get one that suits your budget. Nevertheless, it is always best to consider what suits your needs. It is most especially important if you are contemplating on engaging in some adventure or extreme sports. On backpack, you are likely to sleep with strangers and on unsafe places. You are probably planning on hitchhiking or mingling with locals. Thus, the risks are greater compared to a guided tour where you will be sleeping and eating in pre-arranged places.
  1. Plan your travel. While part of the plan is to take opportunities as they present themselves, a certain level of safety can be established if you can do some research about hostels and places to tour. Planning and researching in advance can help you decide the kinds of activities you will do while you are on the road.
  1. Do not wander around at night on your own. Do not court danger when you can avoid it. If you are a female traveler, there is an even greater need not to roam around unaccompanied in streets and bars. Many other travelers are by themselves. It is safer and more fun to meet other people and be traveling companions at least for a while. It is always tempting try something daring; calculate the risks before doing so. Find out about the place where you want to go. Ask the locals.
  1. Let someone know where you are heading. Communicating with your family and friends is so easy to these days using mobile phones and other hand-held gadgets; use it to your advantage. Use social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Post Instagram photos. It is a good opportunity to gloat about the fantastic adventures you are up to.
  1. Don’t tempt the con artists. Don’t walk around showing off your bling, expensive cameras and cell phones dangling around your body. Don’t entice local thieves with your material possessions if you do not want to be mugged by some street urchins. You can do those sorts of things if you are on guided tours and not in some backpacking travels.
  1. Know the local customs and abide by it. This is about respect for the people in the land you are travelling. This is the first thing you need to learn to win some friends in your destination. Doing planning and research are the best strategies to prepare you into this kind of social dealing with the locals.
  1. Helfen, Socorro, Bāngzhù. Know some words that you can use to ask help. Getting a phrase book in the language that the locals use in the place you are going can be a tremendous help; it can even save your life. Generally, locals warm up easily to foreigners or travelers who make an effort to learn about their culture, customs, and language. Travel guides usually incorporate some helpful words for travelers.
  1. Have an emergency plan. You should have a set of numbers to call for emergencies – your insurance, people you know, local police and first aid, etc. You can never say what will happen as you travel and pursue some risky adventures.

Preparation, research, being properly geared and equipped, exercising common sense, seeking safety grounds when needed – these constitute some top safety backpacking travel tips that work.

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